'Referral Secrets for Agents!'

This powerful 118 jam-packed page book outlines a 'Step-By-Step' program showing you exactly what you must do to develop a famous name & respected reputation, one which persuades sellers and buyers to call you whenever they need to sell or buy a home!


Yes, success really does boil down to how many people know your name. The more who do... the more homes you sell.

Thanks to 'Referral Secrets!" you will know the exact strategies you must follow to guarantee yourself referral success in your real estate sales business!

You Are Just 9 Steps Away From A Respected Reputation!

By following these 9 steps people will know who you are and how to contact you. This automatically translates into more sales.

Reputation Confession Letter

Thanks to this letter you will have even the MOST DIFFICULT people wanting to do business with you.

Reputation Network Developer

It's not just the people you know it's also the people they know too! You will learn how to create a massive Reputation Network of people eager to do business with you!

Reputation Sales Analyzer

You will learn the EXACT number of people you need in your Reputation Center to produce whatever number of sales you want... be it 10, 20, 50, or even 100+ per year!

Reputation 7 Step Success Plan

You will be given a 7 STEP plan that shows you EXACTYLY what to do to create the Most Respected Reputation in Town!

Reputation Creation "Stay-N-Touch" Plan

You will learn EXACTLY how to 'Stay-N-Touch' with people so they enthusiastically contact you whenever they need to sell or buy a home!

Reputation Delivery Plan

You will know EXACTLY what to send your people, and when to send it to them, so that you create an income exploding reputation!

Reputation Creating Letters

Reputation Marketing includes all the letters you will use to DEVELOP the most respected reputation in town!

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And It Gets Even Better As You Will Discover...


How To Use The Internet To Develop A Persuasive Reputation!

Are you disappointed with your agent web site?
Are you wondering how to make the Internet work for you?

Our program will show you exactly what works online to build a reputation that produces listings and sales.


How To Use Email & Snail Mail To Cause Sellers & Buyers To Contact You!

Are you confused on how to take advantage of email marketing?
Are you confused on how to take advantage of snail mail marketing?

We'll remove all the mystery when it comes to successful email and snail mail marketing. You'll use simple yet powerful techniques to persuade sellers and buyers to contact you.

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'Referral Secrets!' Has 14 Chapters
of Income Exploding Strategies
That Produce Virtually
Instant Results!

-- Section 1 --

Why You Must Build Your Name & Reputation

  • Chapter 1: Your Business Is Not About The Selling or Buying of Homes!
  • Chapter 2: What is Reputation Marketing?
  • Chapter 3: Build Your Reputation & They Will Call You!

-- Section 2 --

Understanding The Concept of Reputation Marketing

  • Chapter 4: The 4 Marketing Pillars of Reputation Marketing!
  • Chapter 5: Pillar 1 - The People Plus Factor
  • Chapter 6: Pillar 2 - The List Identification Factor
  • Chapter 7: Pillar 3 - The People Education Factor
  • Chapter 8: Pillar 4 - The 'Stay-N-Touch' Factor

-- Section 3 --

Understanding How To Implement Reputation Marketing

  • Chapter 9: Preparing Yourself For Reputation Marketing

-- Section 4 --

The Actual 'Step-By-Step' Reputation Marketing Plan

  • Chapter 10: How Your Image Impacts Your Reputation
  • Chapter 11: What's The Name of Your Manufacturing Plant?
  • Chapter 12: Geographic Reputation Marketing
  • Chapter 13: Testimony Marketing: Empower Others To Build Your Reputation
  • Chapter 14: Closing Gifts: Your Powerful Ally for Reputation Marketing

-- Section 5 --

Reputation Marketing Recommendations

  • Part 1: Conclusion
  • Part 2: Database & Internet Marketing Reputation Recommendations
  • Part 3: Snail Mail 'Stay-n-Touch' Reputation Recommendations
  • Part 4: Tasks: Your First Steps
  • Part 5: Reputation Marketing Letters

Meet The Author... Randy Roussie

Since 1987 I have been helping agents to understand just how important reputation is as compare to sales training. Yes, your success really does boil down to how many people know your name.

The more who do, the more homes you will sell. Thanks to 'Referral Secrets!" you will know the exact strategies you must follow to guarantee yourself reputation success.

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How To Guarantee Your Image
Sells Your Reputation!
10 Personal Portfolios To
Showcase Your Reputation!

Because In Real Life...
People Do Judge A Book By Its Cover!

And when it comes to your success, your image is your cover!

That's why it is important for you to give yourself the best possible image as it only helps to develop your respected reputation!

 Each Personal Portfolio is a PowerPoint product, 100% editable, printable, and professional created by our in-house graphic designers!


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Basic Wealth Steps
Steps to Personal Wealth
Achieving Your Wealth Goals
The Keys to Success
The Power of Thoughts
Factors that Bring Inertia
The Risk Factor
What You Must Avoid
The Inevitable Mistakes
The Law of Success
Time to Learn Who You Are
The Need for Change
Understanding Failure
The Final Goal
Paving Your Path to Success
The Law of Prosperity
Power of Words
The Power of Unconditional Love

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What Do Top Agents Have To Say?

Bob Burns ReMax, Naples Florida

Once I realized 74% of sales happen by referral, I instantly knew what I was doing wrong... no one knew my name!

John Barret ReMax, Naples Florida

Reputation is the secret in any business, not just real estate sales. Without a solid reputation it is almost impossible to succeed!

Senjey Joshi Homelife, Toronto Ontario

I invested 3 days with Randy on how to build a powerful reputation. His approach is very simple and easy to implement!


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